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Simply Water & Sewer is experienced in a full range of residential, commercial and industrial developments including Torrens Title and Strata subdivisions and Community titles. We undertake and manage all aspects of Sydney Water requirements associated with these types of projects.


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Section 73 Applications

A Section 73 Compliance Certificate confirms you have satisfied Sydney Water’s requirements to adequately service your subdivision or development with water and wastewater services.
To obtain a certificate you might be required to carry out some of the following activities: -

  • construct some extra sewer and/or water connections or pipes

  • pay application or developer fees

  • protect Sydney Water’s existing assets, such as concrete encasing pipes or relocating Sydney Water sewer pipes on your property

When undertaking a Section 73 Application you will receive a Notice of Requirements which will outline what steps you need to undertake to adequately service your subdivision or development and you will need to carry out the work specified in the notice of requirements before Sydney Water will issue you with a Section 73 Certificate.

Generally, your council or private certifier won't provide you with an occupation certificate unless you have a Section 73 Certificate from Sydney Water first.

Sewer (ww) and Water (PW) Reticulation Design

Where your development activity requires the creation or protection of Sydney Water assets under the major works process, Simply Water and Sewer can review your planning proposal and assess the servicing and feasibility and lodge the application that commences the major works process.

We can further assist you by preparing designs and associated documentation that comply with Sydney Water’s instructions and then we can supervise the construction of the approved connection arrangement. Our services include finalising the project documentation with Sydney Water to enable the issuance of the Section 73 Certificate.

If you have a project that requires sewer and water design – get in touch with us!

Building Plan Approvals

If you’re building, excavating, or landscaping over or next to Sydney Water assets, you must have your plans approved by an accredited agent before you start work. Obtaining Building Plan Approval ensures the work you carry out won't damage or limit access to Sydney Water’s assets. 

Where you need to lodge a Development Application with your consent authority for the building works you intend to carry out, it will be a condition of the authorities consent to have your building plans approved by Sydney Water  before receiving your construction certificate.

To start the process, you should lodge your building plans at Sydney Water Tap in TM. Once logged into tap in you select the “building plan approval” button in the menu.

Once you select your property in tap in, you will follow the prompts and steps. Sydney Water will use the information you input into tap in to tell you if the works proposed might affect, or limit, access to their assets. There are two possible outcomes:

  1. Sydney Water will approve your plans without further assessment OR

  2. You'll need to submit your application to Simply Water and Sewer for further assessment.

In most cases a Water Servicing Coordinator, like Simply Water and Sewer, will assess and approve your plans and information. In a small number of cases we will need to refer your application to Sydney Water for a detailed review. This is known as an 'Out of scope' application.

At the end of the process we will approve your building plans. You will then be able to show your approved plans to your consent authority and receive your construction certificate.

If you would like more information about building plan approvals please contact us and we can help by:

  • Reviewing your plans and discussing options and/or requirements with you

  • Advising what documents you need for your application

    Specifying asset protection (sewer pegout) requirements or alternate options

  • Supervising concrete encasement and piering inspections (if they’re required)

Water and sewer adjustment/deviation designs

Where your project design requires Sydney Water’s assets to be moved to an alternate location, Simply Water and Sewer can assist with the lodgement of an application to manage this process. You may be required to provide details such as: -

  • Details of your proposed works including plans showing the extend

  • The project time frame

  • How the project relates to Sydney Water’s systems

  • Engineering details and design plans

Sydney Water will provide Simply Water and Sewer with a letter of requirements which will outline what works are required to adjust or amplify the system.

Simply Water and Sewer can assist with the design and project management of these works should they be required. Contact us for more information on adjustment and deviation applications.

Feasibility Applications

You can request advice for your development through a feasibility application. Simply Water and Sewer can lodge an application on your behalf and Sydney Water will issue a feasibility letter to advise what potential requirements they will require for your proposed development.

To assess your application Sydney Water will may require details such as: -

  • Property details (Lot & DP, address etc)

  • Proposed land use and development description

  • Types of services required

  • Proposed development staging and timing

  • Demand forecasting based on their recognised standard codes

  • Possible connection points for the development.

Depending on the outcome of the feasibility application, you may be required to provide a service brief with potential options for servicing the development with your Section 73 Application. You may need to engage the services of external consultants for hydraulic modelling to help determine your options.

Simply Water and Sewer can assist with these aspects of your feasibility application.

asset protection reports (sewer Pegouts)

A Service Protection Report (more commonly known as a sewer pegout) identifies and locates all Sydney Water assets on your site or neighbouring sites where applicable. Sydney Water assets include, but are not limited to, sewer, potable water, recycled water, stormwater and easements.

Where any building work affects a Sydney Water asset the Service Protection Report will enable the accurate plotting of Sydney Water’s assets onto your Building Plans, Architectural Plans and Structural Engineering Plans to comply with Sydney Water’s Technical Guidelines for Building over and adjacent to pipe assets (available on Sydney Water’s website).